How to Automate USACE Wetland Forms and Agency Reports

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As a tech company that loves the environment and those who care for it, Wildnote is adding a Government Agency Required-Form Export feature to make your work easier. We started with the USACE Wetland Data Determination Form and will soon tackle the California State DPR Archaeology Forms.

With this feature, users can export information collected with the Wildnote app directly into the required federal form and bypass the frustration of transcribing the collected data into an uncooperative Word or PDF document or tediously rewriting the information. The first of 10 regional Wetland Determination Data Forms required by the Army Corps of Engineers are now in beta testing. We currently have the exact datasheet survey for use on your mobile device to collect the wetland data, as well as the corresponding export for the Western Mountain, Valleys and Coast Region. The Arid West Region will be next. Wildnote even automatically performs the calculations for such areas as the "Prevalence Index Worksheet". No, we can't write your summary of findings for least, not yet!


Screen shot of Wildnote's mobile app with Wetland Determination Data Form. Collect your wetland delineation data on the Wildnote mobile app.



screenshot of Wildnote's web app export page. Select the "Wetland Determination (PDF)" export type.



pdf image of the Wetland Determination Data Form for Western Mountains, Valleys, and Coast Region. Shazam! Just like that, Wildnote has created the USACE's exact export to save you time.


Next up are the California Office of Historic Preservation DPR523 forms for archaeologists and cultural resource managers. Once we've completed and tested this process for California, we will expand to other states.

Wildnote isn’t just a product, it’s a service. The way we make that service better is to really listen to what users need and want. Our beta testers and associated pilot projects are the frontline for creating the best user experience possible. Your input and guidance are critical to successfully expanding Wildnote's toolkit for the environmental services community.

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