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Field Data Collection App: Annual Features Review

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What's new, what's improved, and what's in the pipeline for 2018

Digital technology makes environmental work easier, and that technology is improving every day. Wildnote's platform and functionality keeps improving, always with the goal of bringing the environmental community the best dang data-management system on the planet! Our users work in multiple disciplines, such as field biology, compliance and monitoring, ecological restoration, archaeology, environmental studies, land-conservation, environmental regulatory agencies, and more. We make Wildnote for you, so your ideas and needs are the driving force behind the development of our new features.

Our beta testers and associated pilot projects are the frontline for creating the best user experience possible. Your input and guidance are critical to successfully expanding Wildnote’s toolkit for the environmental-services community. For that, we salute you!

Mobile App Delivering Precision Data Collection

Create and Administer Custom Surveys

We opened up Survey Administration, so users can create and administer their own custom surveys. Not only did this feature increase end-user autonomy, it also created opportunities for feedback that led to an increasingly enhanced product. Thank you!

Expanded Photo Management

We focused intently on our exporting and reporting capabilities to better serve our customers. Because you asked for it, we’ve implemented big improvements in photo management and export.

Taxonomy Lists and Wetland Determination Forms

Users also asked for a better way to integrate taxonomy lists into custom surveys and we delivered. All USDA state-specific plant lists are now available. And there’s more! If you have a wetland delineation project, you can now associate the state and wetland region with your project. Additionally, Wetland Determination forms have been developed. This new feature is currently in QA and about to enter beta test with two companies. The indicator status variations between regions add layers of complexity to the underlying architecture of the forms. This level of precision allows us to provide time-saving industry-specific document management.

Features Going Forward

(Additional available features and improvements as of May 2018 - Bird Nest Monitoring and More!)

Word Export

You’ll be happy to know that standardized Word export is now available for beta testing. Users may have noticed a disabled Word export button with an invitation to “contact us if you want to be a beta tester.” As a beta tester, you gain free, early access to the new feature while your feedback helps us give it the best possible functionality. Using chat to announce new features right on the app insures you won’t miss anything and gives more users a chance to opt-in as beta testers. Wildnote isn’t just a product, it’s a service. We want to know how it works for you!


hovering over a button that says "Word Export" reveals an option to beta test that new feature.
Save time and sign up to beta test new features right from the app!


Archaeology DPR523 Forms and CRM Photo Export

Wildnote is feature-rich with packages tailored to specific industries for even more functionality. The California Office of Historic Preservation DPR523 export series for archaeologists and cultural resource managers are in development and should be available in March, 2018. Once we’ve completed and tested this process for California, we will expand to other states. CRM-specific photo management is also coming. Let Wildnote do the heavy lifting so you can spend less time managing documentation and more time going after new clients.

Calculated Fields

Calculated fields are currently available by custom design based on specific formulas requested by a customer. While the export side of the Wildnote platform will always provide more robust calculating opportunities, soon you will also be able to implement basic calculated fields via survey admin on your mobile device. Our botanists in the ecological restoration industry are really looking forward to this new feature, and we see endless applications to benefit a wide variety of industries.

We love what we do and we think you should too. Here’s to a productive and satisfying new year filled with growth and fruition!

“Thank You,"
Team Wildnote


Group of five women and three men smiling and wearing vests bearing the Wildnote name and feather logo
The team that plays together stays together!

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